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With our advanced digital tracking system, the chain of custody isn't even a question. We know who, what, where and when from beginning to end, so you can too. Our private cremations never share a cremation chamber, so your clients never have to wonder about the ashes they get back.

Tracking Every Pet

One of the most important diļ¬€erences between us and other providers is that we track every pet you put in our care, even if it's not a private cremation. Because every communal case is tracked, we can't accidentally include an animal that doesn't belong. That extra level of care prevents mistakes - and gives you and your clients peace of mind.

Knowledge is Power

For your clients one of the most critical questions is "where is my pet now?" Our tracking system gives you that answer. From your vet portal you can see exactly what is happening with every pet you place with us, from pickup all the way to delivery. If you choose, we can even notify pet owners via text or email as we move through the process, so your staff can focus on more pressing needs.